Announcing the Seattle and LA Immersive Storytelling Jam!

BeFunky CollageFascinated by immersive storytelling? Then check out this event. December 5, from 7-9pm, Aileen McGraw and I are hosting an Immersive Storytelling Jam at CoMotion Labs.

Here’s the cool twist. We’ll be Skyping with some VR/AR/MR creators in Los Angeles to share info about our respective scenes and potentially spark collaborations. Seattle and LA! I do believe this occasion marks a West Coast immersive storytelling alliance!

This event is open to the public, but space is limited. If you’d like to attend, be sure to get your tickets via Eventbrite.

Here’s the event description:

Immersive Storytelling Jam: Seattle and Los Angeles

Join us for an immersive storytelling jam where Seattle and Los Angeles creators will come together and share what the scene looks like for narrative VR/AR/MR in our respective cities, and how we can provoke content, community, and collaboration.

The Seattle crew will gather at CoMotion Labs and Skype with a similar group of immersive storytellers in Los Angeles at Emblematic Group. We hope to spark dialogue that helps West Coast VR/AR folks better engage the narrative power and potential so alive in our communities. Like chocolate and peanut butter (…like everything and peanut butter), Seattle and LA conjure AMAZING flavor together. So let’s get mixing!

Who should join?

Short answer: YOU. This event is open to everyone interested and/or working in narrative roles in VR/AR/MR. This includes journalists, designers, filmmakers, community organizers, producers, poets-turned-VR project leads, engineers, directors, and writers of all genres…and SO many more.


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