This Time With Feeling: Haptx

haptxSeems like forever ago that I stuck my hand in a box at the Axon VR offices and felt a virtual ice cube resting on my hand. Now the company has changed its name to Haptx and they’re beginning to show the world what they’ve been working on–a haptic glove powered by something called microfluidic technology. Watching their new video made me totally want to get my hands on one. Pun 100% intended.

It’s striking how the evolution of immersive media is the result of many different technologies advancing in parallel. Incredible to think that Haptx has taken prototypes that involved equipment about the size of an oven and boiled them down into a glove. The glove looks bulky, but we can be sure this is just one in what will become a series of increasingly sleek and elegant products.

VR is like a collection of little kingdoms. Haptx just raised a flag in Haptics Land. Elsewhere, there’s 360 Film Land, and Immersive Audio Land. If we want to take a Game of Thrones metaphor too far, we might say that it behooves these kingdoms to form alliances with one another. What’s going to be really fascinating is witnessing how the hardware developed by companies like Haptx will mesh with other tech that engages our other senses. Just imagine the as-yet unrealized depth of presence we’ll be experiencing in a few short years.

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