This Blog, Now Coming to You in Innovative Book Form

Shape of Reality to Come--cover16--yellow.jpg

My new book, The Shape of Reality to Come, a collection of essays about virtual reality,  creative economies, Amazon, artificial intelligence, Microsoft, Ready Player One, innovation, video games, leadership, immersive media, and grunge, is coming soon from Alephactory Press. You can pre-order it here.

I have to admit that I didn’t realize I was even writing this book until well into the process. I’ve been blogging about Seattle’s immersive media scene off and on for the past couple years, and my posts started to crowd together, like penguins keeping each other warm in the unforgiving Antarctic. This rookery of essays kept imploring me to collect them between two covers.

Around this time, my friend Christopher Robinson told me that he wanted to start a small press. The entirety of our book deal negotiation went something like this:

Ryan: I think I have a book you could publish.

Chris: Sure, I’ll publish it.

Ryan: Cool.

After that, I discovered that this friend of mine with the creative facial hair is a top-notch editor. I’m really grateful for his thoughtful direction for this unconventional volume. (Be sure to check out the other books coming out from Alephactory, too.)

Since The Shape of Reality to Come is chiefly about immersive entertainment, we’ve decided to launch the book via virtual reality and plans are underway to make that happen. Stay tuned for details.

I imagine that The Shape of Reality to Come will quickly become dated and turn into a soon-forgotten time capsule of this peculiar moment in media history. And that thousands of years from now, an alien robot will discover it in a landfill, and that this alien robot will laugh its ass off at my jokes.






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