Reality Taking Shape

IMG_2025The Shape of Reality to Come, a collection of essays about VR, AR, AI, Amazon, grunge, creative cities, Microsoft, and tips for engineering a renaissance, now exists in physical form in the reality we all happen to share, or perhaps experience as a consensual hallucination.

This is my sixth book, and it’s my slimmest to date, as well as being my first collection of nonfiction. Christopher Robinson of Alephactory Press did a smashing job editing and designing it. I’m surprised to find myself proud of this weird little tome and am curious to see if it resonates with anyone.

This coming Thursday at the VR/AR meetup at Pluto VR in Ballard, I’ll be giving away copies. One of the book’s main subjects is the community of VR pioneers that has sprung up in Seattle over the past couple years. It only seems fitting that the many people who inspired these essays get a free copy.

In a couple weeks I’ll be attending VRLA in Los Angeles, and I intend to have copies on hand to fling at people while they’re otherwise engaged in VR demos. If you’re not in Seattle for this week’s meetup, but want to connect at the conference, feel free to contact me.

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