Thank You, Seattle VR Community!

IMG_2089I’ve done a lot of book events and more often than not, they kind of suck. I’ve read at bookstores in front of six people (five of whom were related to me), experienced awkward silences during Q&As, and even had my publisher tell bookstores they could disinvite me to my own readings (long story). So last night, giving away copies of The Shape of Reality to Come at Seattle’s VR/AR monthly meetup really meant something to me. The book is about what I’ve learned these past two years about new media and creative economies, and I was happy to hand out copies to some of the very people who inspired these ideas.

In April, 2016, I attended my first Seattle VR/AR meetup in the Indies Workshop space just south of the stadium in Sodo. Last night I saw a lot of the same people I saw at that meetup–Budi Mulyo, Evie Powell, Eva Hoerth, Jordan Kellogg–and a lot of people who’ve jumped with both feet into this new immersive realm in the past two years. When I scan the room and see Bridget Swirski, Andrew Mitrak, Xuny Haley, Avery Weger, Shawn Whiting, Sally Kellaway, Larry James, Cami Smith, Caroline Old Coyote, Sean Siem, Reverend Kyle, Simon Manning, and Avril Martinez, I see a dream company. I see a community whose inclusivity is matter-of-fact. These dreamers and pioneers have made my life so rich these couple years, and I know that this book is just the first chapter of the mind-bending story they’re busy creating. What a treat, as a writer, to chronicle such a cast of characters.

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