Announcing Starbird Reality Shop


metropolisStarbird Reality is excited to offer immersive art via our new e-commerce portal.

Here you’ll find explorable virtual environments, immersive audio-only experiences, installations, even experiments to combine digital content with physical elements.

We champion immersive artists whose work falls into that nebulous “other” category.

As a feminist, multicultural, and queer-friendly organization, we are especially interested in working with artists who identify as such.

We have few guidelines for the kinds of artworks we accept, but here’s a big one: no shooters. We’ve enjoyed our fair share of shoot-em-up games, still play them on occasion, and adore our friends who create them, but decided to let others make money on games that involve gun violence.

Our first wave of VR offerings include works by Scobot and Evie Powell, two Seattle-based artists exploring the edges of visual art and music in virtual worlds. If you’d like to join these pioneers and make your work available on Starbird Reality Shop, please see our submission guidelines. We’d love the chance to experience your work.

We want Starbird Reality to be the place for you to discover the world’s most ground-breaking immersive experiences. Thank you for joining us on this adventure!

Ryan Boudinot
Starbird Reality


Meet Our Artists

Dr. Evie Powell

eviepowellDr. Evie Powell is a life long games researcher and game designer.  She received her Ph.D. in computer science in 2012 and, as a graduate student, focused her research on socially pervasive game experiences and context-aware gaming using mobile technologies. These days she works on VR game experiences, NUI based game interactions, and other experimental game designs. She is the CEO and Creative Director at Verge of Brilliance LLC.  Evie has been a consultant to several companies on various VR / AR based projects.  Her work has been showcased at events like Seattle’s GE2, and IMMERSE VR.  She’s also been a panelist at several popular VR and gaming conferences including PAX 2016 and GeekGirlCon.


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